How do you kill an abomination in Black Death?

A Damage 3 weapon is required to kill an Abomination. There is no such weapon in Zombicide: Black Plague’s core box. To slay the monster, your team needs to throw Dragon Bile in its Zone and ignite it with a Torch, creating a Dragon Fire (see Zombicide: Black Plague Rulebook p. 35).

Is Zombicide Black Plague worth it?

I like the game, and it was really fun at the beginning but it did get a little bit repetitive. Black Plague looks like a better version of Zombicide so does look exciting. It seems very expensive but you do get a lot of minis. So yes, you are paying for the miniatures, but the game should be fun at least.

How many doors are in Zombicide Black Death?

You receive 27 doors, coming in three different styles (Square, Semi-Circle Arch, Gothic Arch), with multiple colored bases. You will have plenty of extra doors (You really only need 15 or so), and several extra color floor-bases in addition to the standard green and blue objective-marker doors.

How do you kill an abomination in Zombicide?

A Damage 3 (or more) weapon or Dragon Fire is required to kill an Abomination. Each Attack executed by an Abominotaur inflicts 2 Wounds to its target. Abominotaurs can smash through closed doors and walls when they move to reach their target Zone.

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Who created Zombicide?

Zombicide, is a collaborative adventure board game with a modern zombie theme, created by Guillotine Games. Zombicide.

Zombicide logo
Designer(s) Raphaƫl Guiton Jean-Baptiste Lullien Nicolas Raoult
Publication date 2012
Players 1 to 6
Setup time approx. 5 minutes


How much damage does an abomination do in Zombicide?

Do all zombies in Zombicide really do 1 damage? Walkers, Abomination, and Abomination all do 1 damage? As far as Black Plague-specific Abominations, yes (with the singular exception of the Abominotaur which does 2 damage ).

What is the best Zombicide game?

If you like fantasy go for Black Plague. Otherwise I think season 2: Prison Outbreak is the best standalone box. I personally own:

  • Black Plague.
  • Wulfsburg.
  • Zombie Bosses Abomination Pack.
  • Hero Box 1.
  • Friends and Foes.
  • No Rest for the Wicked.

Is Zombicide black plague a campaign?

A 10 mission campaign for Zombicide, including unique scenarios and a character progression system Zombicide players have wanted for so long.

How does armor work in Zombicide?

Armor introduces a new twist for Zombicide veterans. A survivor wearing armor (or carrying a shield) has a chance of blocking multiple zombie attacks with a lucky roll (although it’s no help against the Abomination). The always terrifying Abomination ignores your armor, and is practically invulnerable to your weapons.

How do necromancers work in Zombicide?

A Necromancer tries to flee the board. If there are no Survivors in his Zone for him to Attack during his activation, he Moves 1 Zone toward the nearest Spawn Zone (NOT his entry Zone), ignoring any Survivors he might see. If several escape Spawn Zones are at the same distance, choose one.

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