What is the code for Pinewood computer core on Roblox?

Access to this cold storage room requires the primary code, 5-33-41-18.

What are the 3 codes in Pinewood computer core?

Pinewood Computer Core active and valid codes

  • 5334118: Enter this code in the main panel of the laboratory.
  • 6445229: Enter this code in the secondary panel of the laboratory.
  • 9773727: Enter this code in the third panel of the laboratory.

How do you become a Tier 1 in Pinewood computer core?

Tier 1

  1. It requires 100 PBST points and a Tier Evaluation.
  2. The first rank able to use the “!
  3. The minimum response called to defeat TMS and protect visitors.

What is the 3rd code for Pinewood computer core 2021?

Third Code (9773727) Till last year it was a topic of debate as for much tertiary Code didn’t exist.

When was Pinewood builders made?

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot (and later as a group in 2009), Pinewood Builders is one of Roblox’s oldest existing groups in general. The group is recognized as a franchise in which its members tend to make games with the Pinewood logo and brand on it, drawing inspiration from Pinewood’s official games.

How do you join Pinewood?

You can only join this group by being invited. Only the XYLEM Facilitator can invite you. A private group focused on moderation within Pinewood Builders. You can only join this group by being invited.

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How do I join the Pinewood Intelligence Agency?

How do I get into the Pinewood Intelligence Agency? The Pinewood Intelligence Agency is an invitation-only group. Only current PIA Moderators may recommend new PIA Moderators to the Facilitators who will then bring it to Diddleshot, Facilitators may also recommend new Moderators to Diddleshot themselves.

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