How long does it take to complete ZombiU?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 105 11h 39m
Main + Extras 65 15h 21m
Completionists 17 20h 52m
All PlayStyles 187 13h 46m

Can you beat ZombiU?

ZombiU is the Wii U’s extremely difficult survival horror first-person shooter. You ‘re not supposed to be able to make it through it in one life, though the game’s Survival mode challenges you to do that. A few brave souls have cleared Survival mode.

How many endings is ZombiU?

There are three endings to ZombiU, each one can be obtained by completing the game under certain conditions. As soon as the ‘end period’ is reached, there are no opportunities to respawn in either difficulty.

How do you get to the Tower of London in ZombiU?

To get to the Tower the first time, go to Victoria’s Memorial and cross over the pond to the other side. This will get you to the Pier and eventually the Tower. There will be a manhole at the Tower so can fast travel back there whenever you want.

Does ZombiU have a story?

In ZombiU, a first-person survival horror game set in London, the player is a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. The player has a number of ways to deal with enemies, and can confront the zombies with firearms, land mines, and Molotov cocktails.

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How many copies did ZombiU sell?

VGChartz: ZombiU Has Sold 1 Million Units.

Is ZombiU scary?

ZombiU is bloody and creepy. It consists of F*** and Sh** and etc. Of course it should be rated M for Mature.

Is ZombiU worth playing?

If you never owned a wiiu and never played zombiu, then yes, the game is very much worth 20 dollars. If you already own and played the original version, then no, this straight port with minor improvements and some stuff taken out is really not worth the money.

Is Zombi the same as ZombiU?

In terms of how it actually plays, Zombi is very similar to ZombiU; the level layouts for the campaign are identical, and the only real change comes from the lack of the Wii U gamepad’s second screen.

Who is the prepper in Zombi?

The Prepper (John William Wright) is a mysterious voice that guides the player in ZombiU. He is also a major quest giver and provides the tutorial for the player when they begin the game. He is the first character that the player will interact with.

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