How do you get more money on Zombie Cafe?

You can do this by going to Settings>General>Date & Time, change the setting of ‘Set Automatically’ to OFF and manually change the time. 7) Command all your zombies to serve the food, the more zombies you have serving, the faster you will sell your food and more money you will make.

How do you get toxin in Zombie Cafe?

There’s no way to earn toxins in this game. You don’t earn them when you level up, like Smurf’s Village smurfberries. You’re supposed to have a “chance” to win a vial of toxin if you raid an enemy’s cafe.

How does the fallout POI work in Zombie Cafe?

The first character to appear (from the sides of the map) once you serve Fallout Poi will become infected, as long as they enter your cafe and are served food (Note: they don’t have to be given the Fallout Poi; they just need to eat something after you’ve served Fallout Poi ).

How do you get pets in Zombie Cafe?

Zombie pets can be added to the café by buying a pet’s house in the Special section of the store. This feature was added in later versions of Zombie Cafe (around November 2013) and is only present in the International version. In the café, companion pets will wonder outside on the grass.

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How many zombies can you have in Zombie Cafe?

In the beginning of the game the chef can have only one zombie, but as the Café levels up, more zombies can work on it (aprox. 12 at high levels).

What happened Zombie Cafe?

Zombie Café is currently only available in the App Store. It was taken down on the Google Play Store sometime in 2013–2014 due to unexplained reasons, however, the app still remains in the iOS App Store.

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