Can you kill Ivy zombies?

The only way to kill an Ivy Zombie completely is with incendiary weapons such as a flamethrower or flame grenade rounds. Only once the Ivy Zombie’s body has been reduced to a blackened cinder will it be guaranteed dead.

How do I permanently kill plant zombies re2?

The only way to permanently kill a plant zombie is with fire once they’ve been knocked onto the ground. It isn’t enough to just make the enemy fall and lie motionless, you need to literally burn them until they are all black.

What are flame rounds good for re2?

Flame rounds burn up downed Ivy zombies (and are her only way to do it). Acid rounds can stun G3 (but don’t do much damage), giving you time to get in eye shots with another weapon.

Do Acid rounds kill plant zombies?

They’re mostly useful against lickers (2 rounds to kill ), plant zombies (1 round) and the main boss staggers when hit with one so you can create some space.

Can you make flame rounds re2 remake?

User Info: Growshroom. You can ‘t, so save them. They are really nice to have in the last area of the game.

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Where is Plant 43 re2?

Plant 43 was a genetically engineered plant located in the east wing laboratory of the NEST in the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2.

How do you kill the plants in Resident Evil 2?

Use your Flamethrower to kill the Ivy. After you knock it down, hit it a few more times with fire. When it turns back, you’re done.

Do flame rounds kill lickers?

It’s highly effective against most enemies in the game; killing Lickers in just one shot if their bodies remain within the fire.

Can acid rounds kill lickers?

If it’s not possible to avoid them, recommended weapons to kill Lickers are the grenade launcher loaded with grenade rounds or acid rounds (flame rounds won’t knock them over), shotgun, or magnum (if Leon is low on shotgun shells, make sure to aim downward and only recommended for normal ones since it can instantly

Which is stronger acid rounds or flame rounds?

Acid “sticks” a bit more consistently to enemies than flames. Acid rounds will do full damage against lickers on a wall or ceiling, who take greatly reduced damage from flame rounds due to extinguishing the fire when they fall.

Do Acid Rounds work on Birkin?

They do NOTHING against g4 Birkin. You might as well just discard the ammo. Stick to the other types of rounds and or mini gun.

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