What happened to Zombie Raiders beta?

Unfortunately, Zombie Raiders is no longer active. We are working on bringing the game back someday, but there’s still a long road ahead. Until then, you can join this Discord Channel for more information. Thanks for being a part of it!

How do you complete Raiders tasks in Ldoe?

Old Tasks

  1. SKIP 250 Coins.
  2. Clear Bunker Alfa of all zombies (You can use the firearms <guns>).
  3. Note: Clearing it again on hard mode is not required; but, on day two of the bunker code’s two-day window, you can do hard mode to satisfy the raiders again–thus, technically, you could complete this task daily.

Can you lose your chopper in last day on Earth?

Yes. items stored in Chopper are still in the chopper after you revive. There are two ways to go about it. Either the chopper comes back with you, preferably with stored items.

How do you use chopper’s last day on Earth?

To use the Chopper for travel, a new “Drive” option becomes available on the map screen in addition to the previous “Walk” and “Run” options. Travel time is identical to the “Run” option. The Chopper can carry a maximum of 200 Fuel in it’s tank.

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How do you unlock Raiders in Ldoe?

You will need a CB Radio to contact raiders and obtain coordinates of a survivor’s base. By turning the tuning knob of the radio, you can get in touch with their leader who will send his thugs to your base in a matter of minutes.

What are Raiders in last day on Earth?

The Raider is one of three Raiders that visit your home to make you a special offer They used to come every 3 days in Beta v. 1.7 and Beta v. 1.7.

Can you lose your chopper?

Survivalist Moderator Staff Member. You can ‘t lose it and it doesn’t break. Once you finished the chopper, you ‘ll get to see “Drive” besides “Run” and “Walk”.

Can you kill dealer Joe?

Trivia. Just like Specialist, it has 1,000 Armor. But unlike him, it can ‘t be killed.

What happens when you die in Ldoe?

Death is an event that occurs when the player’s Health depletes to 0. After death, the following events occur: All items with the player get dropped. Player’s Hunger, Thirst, Health, Cleanliness and Pee state are reset.

Where is the helicopter gas tank last day on Earth?

The Chopper Gas Tank:

  1. Can be found in Bunker Alfa’s Lobby in the Yellow (Survival Kit) or Red (Combat Gear) coupon crates, as a rare item.
  2. Can be found in the Crooked Creek Farm in the barn in the Chopper inside (still a rare chance).
  3. Item is purchasable in the In-Game Shop in the Mechanic’s pack.

How do I upgrade my helicopter?

Head to the gas station, go north in the gas station and you’ll find a garage with a nice lady. Talk to her and give her the parts. She’ll upgrade your chopper.

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How do we get gas last day on Earth?


  1. Can be found in all coupon boxes in Bunker Alfa (there are always from 1 to 3 pieces in each).
  2. Crooked Creek Farm, in the Chopper inside the Barn (if the doors open, then it’s a medium chance for it to be there).
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