How do you take pictures in Dead Rising 2 Off the record?

Top Voted Answer. Press Right mouse button and “E” key. First you click the RMB, THEN you press “E” key on your KEYBOARD. After that you’ll be able to use the camera.

Does Dead Rising 2 Off The Record have a time limit?

In Dead Rising 2: Off the Record there is a selectable mode in the main menu without having to beat the game that lets you free roam and do anything you want without the 72 hour time limit ( DR2 free roam you are still bound by a 72 hour time limit ) and also adds challenges to do.

How do you take more pictures in Dead Rising?

Right when you leave the security room into paradise plaza, the store right next to the door(to the right of you) is a camera shop. Look on the wall until you find an icon that says “recharge battery” or something to that degree. After that you have 30 shots again.

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What’s the difference between Dead Rising 2 and off the record?

In Dead Rising 2, the hostages will become recruited right after the player finishes her stage performance minigame. In Off the Record, survivors will keep losing health while being grabbed by a zombie. In Dead Rising 2, survivors don’t lose health while being grabbed by a zombie.

Can you take pictures in Dead Rising 2?

Photography was absent in the sequel; Dead Rising 2 and its prologue; Case Zero as the protagonist; Chuck Greene is a former motocross champion.

Does Dead Rising have a time limit?

Why Dead Rising 4 Doesn’t Have A Time Limit.

Does Dead Rising 3 have a time limit?

In this mode, players get to experience a more “classic” Dead Rising experience. The 6-day time limit remains, there are no checkpoints, and players have to save in bathrooms or port-a-potties.

How long is a day in dead rising 2?

At minimum of 6 hours to complete this game, IRL.

How do you get more movies in Dead Rising?


  1. You can recharge your camera at any camera store. Cam’s Camera is right next to the door you use in Paradise Plaza to get back to the security room.
  2. When you leave the storage place with the elevator there will be a store to the left.

How do you beat Kent in Dead Rising?

Take a picture of Kent in his signature pose. 700 Prestige Points or higher. Wait for Kent to snap a photo; as he pumps his fist right afterward. Shoot a picture just as he pumps his fist to achieve your goal.

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How do you complete cut from the same cloth?

Cut From the Same Cloth is when you have to take pictures of Kent. (specifically, one of him taking a picture worth at least 500pp, then one of him doing his arm pump “signature move” worth at least 700pp). Once you complete that, he sends you on his second request, the Photo Challenge.

Does Dead Rising 2 have new game plus?

This lets you do a new game with all that stuff if like you were stuck in the story because you saved and don’t have enough time to continue. You just new game + that save file and you start a new game carrying over everything from where you were in the middle of your previous game.

Why did they make Dead Rising 2 Off the record?

Instead of a correction, Off the Record is more like a Director’s Cut – a treat for fans, and a chance to iron out a few of the remaining rumples in the Dead Rising formula.

How long does it take to beat Dead Rising 2?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 103 14h 27m
Main + Extras 138 18h 37m
Completionists 20 52h 14m
All PlayStyles 261 19h 33m
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