What’s a mutated zombie in zetsubou?

Mutated zombies are thrashers so just kill them normally. Before it’s enraged is easy when opening the bunker, all the others use the skull of NS. 3. Share.

How do you make zombies mutate ZNS?

If you want to complete the challenge as soon as possible, get a VMP from next to the bunker. Then just run zombies through spores and one of them will mutate, unleash all your ammo on that one orange zombie and you will kill it most of the time. When you open the bunker there is a guaranteed mutating zombie.

Is Takeo a Thrasher?

In the Easter egg, it is revealed that the Original Timeline Takeo has mutated into a thrasher in his cell and he must be battled to reverse the mutation and be cured.

How do you kill a mutated zombie?

A flint and steel can burn the zombie while he is down on the ground, if he burns for 7 seconds while this is taking place the zombie will disappear without the drops.

How do you kill 15 zombies attracted to plants?

Kill fifteen zombies attracted to a plant: For this challenge, the player has to water a planted seed three times using purple water. After that, a plant that attracts and kills zombies will grow.

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How do you get fruit ZNS?

If you mix Blue, Purple and Green then you have a 25% chance to produce a Fruit Plant. You also have a 25% chance to grow any of the other standard plants. The Rainbow Water (when used 3 times on a seed) has a 25% chance to produce any of the regular plants as well as the Fruit Plant.

What gun is the Thrasher?

Rarity Legendary
Class Submachine Guns
Weapon Type Heavy Auto SMGs
Bullet Type Light Bullets


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