Who are the main characters in the last kids on earth and the zombie parade?

The Last Kids on Earth is about a boy and his friends surviving a monster- zombie apocalypse. The main character is thirteen year old, Jack Sullivan, who is the hero of the story. Then there is Quint Baker, the hero’s best friend, and June Del Toro, the hero’s love interest. The villain is Dirk Savage: the bully.

What number book is the last kids on Earth zombie parade?

The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade ( Last Kids on Earth Series #2)

What happens in the last kids on Earth zombie parade?

Thirteen-year-old Jack Sullivan and his crew of monster-fighting besties are fresh off their victorious battle against the evil Blarg, but there’s no rest for the weary in the middle of a Monster Apocalypse. First, Joe’s Pizza has become the local monster hangout. And second, the zombies seem to be disappearing.

What is the ending of last kids on Earth?

Netflix’s The Last Kids on Earth concludes with a traitor right in Wakefield’s backyard, as Jack and the other teens try to stop Rezzoch’s portal from opening. They’ve been tracking missing zombies, but to their surprise, it’s not Bardle kidnapping them, it’s Jack’s mentor, Thrull.

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Who is June del Toro in the last kids on Earth?

Montserrat Hernandez as June Del Toro, a tomboyish 13-year-old girl who is Jack’s crush but did not reciprocate his feelings, but starts to develop some in Book 2.

What is a Wormungulous?

Wormungulous is a giant worm-like monster that resides in the Circle One Mall. It starts off as a “bad” monster, as it was agitated, but then turns out to be a great ally when fighting Thrull.

What is the name of the last kids on Earth Book 2?

The Zombie Parade ( Last Kids on Earth, book 2 ) by Max Brallier.

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