What happens when you fuse weapons in Zombie Gunship survival?

Fusing weapons allows you to increase your weapon’s star rating (and thus its maximum level). You first need to reach the maximum level for the weapon you wish to fuse. Next, you need a certain number of weapons of the same star rating as the weapon you wish to improve.

How do you fuse a weapon in Zombie Gunship?

How Do You Fuse? ☀As you boost a weapon, the maximum level is capped by the number of stars: ⭐️=maximum level 10, ⭐️⭐️=maximum level 20, ⭐️⭐️⭐️=maximum level 30, etc. Select the weapons you want to use and then press the FUSE button (which shows the metal cost ).

What is metal used for in ZG survival?

Metal and Supplies are the two main resources in Zombie Gunship Survival, both generated by storage buildings at the base. Supplies are used to upgrade buildings, while Metal is used to boost weapons for your gunship or troops on the ground.

How do you beat Zombie Gunship?

These tips include how to fuse weapons, loot buildings, and keep your base safe from zombie attacks.

  1. Upgrade the Base.
  2. Scrap, Boost, and Fuse Weapons.
  3. Complete Missions & Objectives.
  4. Scavenge for Resources.
  5. Open Crates.
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How do you kill the heavy Titan in Zombie Gunship survival?

Lead the target with cannons so the round hits between the feet. If team is going towards it, stop them immediately and open fire on the HT. If going away, clear the path as much as possible and chip away at the HT.

How do you fuse in Zombie Gunship survival?

Once you have reached the maximum boost level for a weapon, it can be fused with other weapons of the same star rating to gain additional stars and improve its traits. If you see a gatling gun icon appear above your Hangar, it means you have a max level weapon in your inventory that’s ready to be fused.

What do the stars mean on ZG survival?

The amount of stars is equal to the highest upgradable level for the weapon times 10. This means that a 3 star weapon can be upgraded to lvl 30 while the 1 star weapon can only be upgraded to lvl 10.

What is BHOT mode in Zombie Gunship?

During a round, tap “WHOT” (white hot mode ) or ” BHOT ” (black hot mode ) at the top. In WHOT mode, the night vision camera shows humans (warm blooded) in white and zombies (cold blooded) in black. You can invert the mode to BHOT at any time which shows zombies in white and humans in black.

How do you get XP in ZG survival?

As players complete campaign missions, they gain Experience Points ( XP ) which accumulate for the player to level up in rank. Rank levels unlock new weapons, further mission zones and HQ upgrades. Note: Weapons marked “ * “ are not available from common crates, only by purchase or special event prizes.

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When did Zombie Gunship survival come out?

Zombie Gunship Survival was released on May 22nd and is the sequel to Zombie Gunship, a premium game that Limbic released for iOS in 2011 and for Android in 2013.

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