What is the best loadout for zombies?

The best Zombies loadout for high rounds

  • Primary: H-NGM-N/ Porter’s X2 Ray Gun/ D.I.E. Electrobolt.
  • Secondary: Closing Argument.
  • Field Upgrade: Ring of Fire.
  • Tactical: Cymbal Monkey/ Decoy Grenades.
  • Lethal: C4/ Molotov.

Do attachments matter in zombies?

Treyarch has confirmed that custom loadouts won’t affect the gameplay of Zombies very much. Upgrading and unlocking new weapons throughout a game of Zombies is a staple for the mode, so the team has carefully considered how loadouts will affect this.

Do attachments matter in zombies Cold War?

Best Zombies starting gun in Black Ops Cold War Basically, you want as much gear as possible, and the bonuses from other attachments don’t make as much of a difference. However, you can try out the Mystery Box in an attempt to get a high-damage gun, or even a Ray Gun, to help you into later rounds.

What is the best gun to use in zombies?

Stoner 63. As for the top LMG, the best gun – by a huge margin – is the Stoner 63. This weapon is just fantastic, due in part to its accuracy and high damage. Its large magazine sizes allow you to mow down hordes of zombies before having to reload and you’ll be glad you brought it with you.

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How do I get Shockwave to die?

Once you reach the building, head inside and look for the Living Room on the first floor. Having reached the Living Room, look for the small cracked wall that can be found just opposite the nearby staircase. By interacting with the glowing blue hole, you will activate the D.I.E.

Is Cold War Zombies good?

On a moment-to-moment gameplay sharpness basis, this may be the best Zombies has ever been. It’s an excellent foundation to build from, but at this moment it’s important to keep in mind the lack of breadth. Split-screen multiplayer doesn’t work in Zombies as it does in Multiplayer; it’s online only.

Can you unlock attachments in zombies Cold War?

A new patch goes live today for COD: Black Ops Cold War, addressing XP-related issues for weapon attachments in multiplayer and Zombies modes. Notably, players have found that leveling up weapons, and in turn unlocking new attachments, necessities an exorbitant amount of work.

What is the best gun in Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War best shotgun – Gallo SA12 If you’re using a shotgun in a Call of Duty game, there’s only one thing you really want: damage. The Gallo SA12 has proved to be the most lethal and consistent gun for us, often able to eliminate enemies in one shot.

What is the best loadout for Cold War?

Top 10 loadouts in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

  • AK-47.
  • MG 82 – Best LMG loadout in Cold War.
  • Swiss K31 – Best Sniper Rifle Rifle in Cold War.
  • KSP 45.
  • FARA 83.
  • Streetsweeper – Best Shotgun loadout in Cold War. Muzzle: Duckbill Choke.
  • Diamatti – Best Pistol loadout in Cold War. Optic: Microflex LED.
  • AK-74u. Barrel: 10.3″ Task Force.
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What is the best field upgrade in Cold War zombies?

Ring of Fire is going to be the best Field Upgrade available to all players. All four players standing in one fully upgraded ring will be able to take down the beefiest Megatons Outbreak can throw at them.

What is the best gun for outbreak?

The M16 is very good for Outbreak and it is one of the strongest assault rifles to kill zombies with in Warzone. Its burst fire allows you to have a lot of recoil control, while still doing high damage. The attachments we chose will increase your damage, speed, and salvage drops.

Can you pack a punch fists Cold War?

Black Ops Cold War update has broken Pack-A-Punch in CoD Zombies. A long game of Call of Duty zombies simply cannot be achieved without a fully functioning Pack-A-Punch machine.

Can you pack a punch die Shockwave?

The upgrades for the weapon in Die Maschine could be found in various locked boxes that players had to open, but those are nowhere to be found in the giant maps of Outbreak. Additionally, like in its first appearance, the Shockwave cannot be Pack-a-Punched, unlike the RAI-K84 and Raygun.

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