Can you be a girl in Saints Row 3?

YOU, just you, cannot be a girl in Saints Row 3.

How do you get respect in Saints Row 3?

Saints Row: The Third Respect gained is boosted by buying Respect boosting Upgrades. A total of 238,875 Respect points are required to reach level 50.

Who can you romance in Saints Row 4?

  • Ben King Romance.
  • Gat Romance.
  • Matt Miller Romance.
  • Shaundi Romance.

Is there a zombie cheat in Saints Row 4?

Saints Row IV does not have any Zombie Homies.

Should you save Shaundi or kill Killbane?

After clearing out this final location, the choice is given to eliminate Killbane or save Shaundi. Regardless of the choice made, after completing the next mission, this mission is available with the other choice; in other words, this choice only dictates which final mission is played first.

How did Lin die in Saints Row?

She continues to deceive the Rollerz by working with Playa, and these ill-fated attempts ultimately lead to her death when Price’s uncle and financier, William Sharp, concludes that she has been betraying the Rollerz and has her killed. Lin is the first of four allies to die in the Saints Row series.

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Can you be a female in Saints Row?

One of the new additions in Saints Row 2 is the ability to create female characters. Female characters were not available for Saints Row 1, on any platform, but in the sequel it is an option when creating a new character. Female characters in Saints Row 2 have the same fighting and movement style, and the only

Can you make your own character in Saints Row 4?

Player Customization is available in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV. Character customization in Saints Row.

What is the cheat for respect in Saints Row 3?

Result Code
Infinite sprint runfast
No vehicle damage vroom
Repair car repaircar
Add respect whatitmeanstome


How do you get unlimited respect in Saints Row 2?

Complete all races in Stilwater. Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs. Do activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.

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