How do you deal with Sporechid Oni?

Use Atmo Suits. That’s all you need to do. If you want to have no zombie spores, then you need to destroy the gas which contains zombie spores, such as by building tiles on it, or pumping it out and venting it to space or smashing it with airlocks.

What do zombie spores do?

Zombie spores should actually turn your dupes into zombies if not treated properly. The only problem is that unless you deliberately bring the zombie flower into your base, there is no real threat of an outbreak.

What should we do if oxygen is not included?

The first step you want to take is to start digging around to gather materials, increase your space and get access to water and other oxygen pockets. At this early stage you should try to avoid any polluted water/ oxygen, poisonous gases or vacuum spaces.

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How do you get more oxygen in oxygen not included?

Oxygen Production

  1. The quickest solution is the Oxygen Diffuser, which converts Algae and Power into Oxygen (and heat).
  2. Algae Terrariums produce Oxygen from Algae and Water.
  3. Algae is one of the rare resources, but it can be refined from Slime using an Algae Distiller.

How do you get rid of zombie spores Oni?

They are disinfected by: Chlorine. Liquid Chlorine. Bleach Stone. Parameters

  1. Diamond.
  2. Coal.
  3. Carbon Dioxide.
  4. Natural Gas.
  5. Sour Gas.
  6. Crude Oil.
  7. Petroleum.
  8. Naphtha.

What can you do with sour gas and not oxygen?

Usage. The only thing that can be done with Sour gas is to cool it. When cooled to -163.5 °C; 67% of its mass becomes Methane and 33% becomes Sulfur. If Methane is reheated it becomes Natural Gas.

How do I get rid of Slimelung?

Treatment. Slimelung can be treated with a Medical Pack crafted at an Apothecary, which must be administered by a duplicant with the Bedside Manner skill in a Sick Bay. A duplicant infected by Slimelung will go to the Sick Bay when both Medical Pack and a qualified doctor is available.

What are zombie spiders?

It’s an entomopathogenic fungus, which is a type of fungus that affects invertebrates. For a while the infected spiders are able to live on in a zombie -like state enveloped by the fungus. But slowly and surely the fungus consumes their living tissue and kills them.

How do you get rid of food poisoning without oxygen?

Duplicants with Food Poisoning can be cured by consuming a Curative Tablet, made in Apothecary from 1 kg of Coal and 1 kg of Water.

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How do you unblock oxygen pipes not included?

How to Fix Blocked Pipes

  1. Designate a clean water source and a polluted water destination.
  2. Use a liquid pump to feed clean water to amenities such as toilets and showers.
  3. Since items such as the toilet output more water than they take in, you will need to empty out the polluted water into a septic tank of sorts to prevent blocked pipes.

How much does Oxygen Not Included cost?

Store Prices

Currency Current Price Converted Price
U.S. Dollar $9.99 at -60% $9.99
Swiss Franc CHF 9.60 at -60% +4.80%
British Pound £7.59 at -60% +5.49%
Australian Dollar A$ 14.38 at -60% +9.21%


Is it possible to win Oxygen Not Included?

Yes and no. The ultimate goal is to send a dupe to temporal tear in the sky, but when you do it, you can still continue playing forever.

How do you get oxygen Oni?

Since the Electrolyzer uses water to produce Oxygen, you’re going to need to start recycling the contaminated water from your toilets and showers so you don’t run out. You can this by using a contaminated water filter and then reusing that water to supply the Electrolyzer.

How would you handle maximum gas pressure when oxygen is not included?

Dig a room sized hole under it and put gas passable tiles on the floor of the electrolyzer room. by putting a gas pump in the electrolyzer room and pumping the produced oxygen into other chambers you will lower pressure in the electrolyzer room again, freeing up room for more oxygen (and hydrogen) to produce.

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