How do you kill zombies in last shelter?

How can I kill the zombies inside the fence?

  1. AppGamer Answered: The zombies in side your fence can be killed by tapping on them. Some are people walking around the town and can’t be killed but the zombies can be. 1 4 REPORT. Guest Replied. 0 0 REPORT.
  2. Guest Answered: Tap them with your finger to squish them. 6 0 REPORT.

Which class is best in last shelter survival?

Trader can easily be considered the BEST CLASS in Last Shelter Survival. Trader has way more benefits than it has Weaknesses. Any thing it lacks, the game offers a way to counter.

What does the garrison do in last shelter?

AppGamer Answered: The garrison states that it needs to be stationed with troops, but it seems to automatically station itself with existing formations followed by any remaining troops you have left over. It just seems to exist to control how your troops are arranged to defend in case of attack.

What happens if you get zeroed in last shelter?

A city that is attacked many times will get reduced down to 0%. This is called “ zeroing ” the city. The city then teleports to a new random location. A burned out building (crater) is left where it was for a while, and then disappears.

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How do you teleport to another state in last shelter?

You can teleport to a specific location, however you need to use an advanced teleport which costs 2000 diamonds. If you are a new player you will not yet have the diamonds although you can choose to buy them with real money. If you have not yet joined an alliance then now is the time to do so.

How do I select a class in last shelter?

The game gives you a chance to change class every few levels as you upgrade your main Base. You don’t need to choose immediately each time so you can ignore the change choice and hang on to the option to do it later.

Who Owns last shelter survival?

Last Shelter: Survival, which was produced by Beijing-based Long Tech Network Limited, took the 10th place with $1.1 billion in revenue.

How do I change to Farmer in last shelter?

If you have already picked a different class to farmer then you get the option to change class for free when you reach base level 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, and 25. You can change at other times as well but you have to buy a class change item to do it.

What does tactical resistance last shelter?

Like with tactical might which increases damage dealt with enemy troops from hero combat skills, tactical resistance is the counter that reduces the damage received from enemy hero combat skills. These increases your troops level of resistance to enemy combat skills when activated.

How do you get money in last shelter survival?

Last Shelter Survival: Be a Tycoon! Money Making Tips

  1. Use the Stereo all the time.
  2. You can attack the Rebel Camp with your troops.
  3. Complete as many Main Tasks, Daily Tasks and Daily Challenges as you can.
  4. Station, unlock and max upgrade the Resistance Leader Hero skills.
  5. Upgrade Houses and Banks to maximize money /hr.
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Where is doomsday shop last shelter?

You have to build the doomsday laboratory first inside your base. After a few days into doomsday, the doomaday shop option will appear. When you click on the laboratory. You can use the doomsday coins to purchase things.

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