How do you kill the zombies in the evil within 2?

An axe is powerful where a knife is weak: face-to-face with a zombie. But they break after one kill. Even so, don’t treat axes as precious — especially if the enemy you’re about to hit is carrying one. Use the axe, kill the zombie with one hit, and collect the axe it drops.

What is the white stuff in the evil within 2?

The Watcher, like all creatures created by Myra, is comprised primarily of psychoplasm, a viscous, white substance that it sheds in copious and bubbling amounts wherever it treads. This slimy substance is sticky to the touch, as merely stepping on it slows Sebastian down considerably.

Can you kill the Watcher evil within 2?

There are two ways to defeat the Watcher Boss in Evil Within 2. It’s an enormous, slithering monster that looks like it’s made of wax. You ‘ll get stuck in the wax, and the Watcher can summon hands pretty much anywhere. The second option is to kill it, right there and then.

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Can you kill the harbinger in evil within 2?

While he can be fought and killed, it is impractical and wasteful to do so since his drops cannot be collected to reimburse the player of their spent supplies attacking him.

What is the ghost in evil within 2?

Anima is a mysterious creature haunting the streets and many residents of Union.

How do you kill enemies in the evil within?

For most enemies you’ll want to shoot them in the legs(or with the shotgun if you need to do it quickly) to knock them down and then run up an use a match to kill them instantly.

What happened to Myra in the evil within 2?

The Evil Within 2 It is revealed that Myra disappeared from the outside world to join MOBIUS when she discovered that they had her daughter. This makes her lose control and she transforms into a corrupted version of herself, making her the third antagonist of The Evil Within 2.

Is Sykes dead evil within 2?

In Chapter 11, after unsuccessfully trying to contact O’Neal, you will find Sykes killed in the corridor near Hoffman’s Safe House, close to the table with the candles that is blocking the exit to the first parts of Union. Apparently poor Sykes attempted to escape on his own, but didn’t make it.

How many levels are in the evil within 2?

The Evil Within 2 story is broken up into seventeen chapters, with the average length of play-time for the game being between 15 and 20 hours.

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Where is the second slide the evil within 2?

This second slide can be found in Chapter 3, in the house at 345 Cedar Avenue. After you experience the vision in the bathroom, you’ll have a flashback to Beacon Mental Hospital (the location from the first game). Follow the corridor until you come to a wheelchair, and grab the Slide from the wheelchair.

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