What scale are Zombicide miniatures?

As one can see, the Zombicide figures all appear to be 32mm “true scale.” Although their features (heads, hands and weapons) are smaller than Reapers’ 32mm models, I believe that the Zombicide Miniatures are close enough that they can be used alongside the miniatures of other manufacturers.

Do you need to water down army painter paints?

If you use a wet pallette with AP paints, the most water you need to mix into it is a brush load of water per drop of paint. It’s definitely going to be less than 1:1. Army painter’s white paint is crap. It’s chalky and doesn’t go on without leaving white flecks on what you paint.

Are Army Painter washes good?

Army Painter washes are very good. I highly recommend them. Army painter washes are legit however they are thick compared to the GW stuff and dry pretty quickly. So I recommend thinning them with some sort of medium just slightly to help with application.

Are Army Painter washes inks?

As all the Quickshade Inks, it looks stunning on a metal primer for that Nurgle look. Shading and colour toning in one wash.

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