How do you increase your point cap in Zombo?

The maximum amount of Zombo Points the player can hold at a time starts at 10 and may be increased up to 50 through ‘Max ZP Increase ‘ upgrades from Unomey. The first two upgrades (which increase the cap to 15 and 20 points respectively) can also be unlocked for free by winning certain game modes.

Is Death Road to Canada coop?

Death Road to Canada KIDNEY Update! All-new Rat Recruit system in co-op, Perk and Trait buffs, Unlockable Hats, Four Player Start game modes, and more! This is a big update, focusing on some all-new systems for both multiplayer and singleplayer! There are also numerous tweaks and fixes.

How do you beat death road in Canada?

As a general rule, get in, get out, and then hit the road. Run Away – no seriously, guys. Don’t try to be a hero. While in some games it’s a good idea to fight with all your might, in Death Road to Canada, it pays to be a wimp.

What does morale do in Death Road to Canada?

Morale is the measure of how happy and motivated a survivor is.

Is Death Road to Canada worth it?

Death Road to Canada is another in a long line of solid indie titles on the Switch. Great fun on the go, loads of replay value, and lots of fun as a 2-player co-op game give this one the legs that’ll make the cheap $15 worth the spend.

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How many players died on the road in Canada?

4 player local co-op and control up to 4 characters!

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