What do I do with the dead graveyard keeper zombie?

corpse onto the table, and make sure you have 10x Faith and 1x Zombie Juice either in a mortuary rack or in your inventory. Hit “E” at the table and choose the “Resurrect” button to start the process. You can also hit ” Take body” to cancel the action and empty the table again.

How do zombies work in graveyard keeper?

Zombies can be used in the garden to grow crops for you, after you have unlocked the Zombie Gardening Blueprint. Between the Zombies at the Felling Tree and Quarry gathering and transferring those resources to your yard and a few Zombies in the work yard making items you can then focus on your Graveyard and Church.

Where do I dig up the zombie graveyard keeper?

Gunter informs you that a very first zombie can be found somewhere north, in the direction of the forest. It is located where the road is blocked by two piles of stones. Once the first pile of stones is eliminated, you can work on the second and bring out the zombie in question.

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How do you get rid of bodies in graveyard keeper?


  1. You’ll get a. burial certificate for each corpse you bury, which can be sold to Horadric.
  2. You’ll get a. burial certificate for each corpse you burn, which can be sold to Horadric.
  3. As you won’t get a. burial certificate for corpses you dump, this way of disposal is a financial loss for you.
  4. As you won’t get a.

Can you revive a zombie?

However, if you ‘kill’ the zombie, then you can resurrect the corpse. From the description of the resurrection spell: You can resurrect someone killed by a death effect or someone who has been turned into an undead creature and then destroyed.

How do you get green points Graveyard Keeper?

If you want to get green points quickly you can walk around the area to pick flowers and fruits. However, this is only worthwhile at the beginning of the game, because each such interaction nets you only one green point. Woodworking. You can earn 1 to 5 points for cutting down trees, creating planks and chopping wood.

How do I start graveyard keeper?

Starting Tips for Graveyard Keeper Game Graveyard Keeper Guide and Walkthrough

  1. Develop the Technology Tree.
  2. Collect resources!
  3. Take care of the graveyard.
  4. Don’t leave things for the last minute.
  5. Listen to what the NPCs have to say.
  6. Start with planting carrots.
  7. Pay attention to the corpse’s condition.
  8. Develop your character.

What do you do with stories graveyard keeper?

The Story is the base resource from which all written works are generated. They are technically a complex craft, as they come in three qualities. They can be obtained through a variety of methods, though their only purpose goes towards the creation of notes, the first tier of written works.

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How do you get black paint in the graveyard keeper?

Black Paint is produced through Alchemy at the Alchemy Workbench (Tier I) and is used in the production of ink.

How do I make graveyard keeper oil?

You can now use 4 Hemp Seeds to make one bottle of Seed Oil each and every time. Alternatively, you can use 5 pieces of human fat, harvested from corpses, to make oil.

How do you make flyers in graveyard keeper?

10 flyers are required for one of the first quests with the Inquisitor. To create them you will need several clean paper + 2 pen and ink. The paper is very easy to obtain at the beginning of the game, while the pen and ink require alchemy and are more difficult.

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