How do you get past the zombies in Spaceland?

At the beginning of Zombies in Spaceland, the first thing on the agenda is to amass as much in-game cash as possible for purchasing weapons and doors to other areas of the theme park. The easiest way to do this is by letting zombies tear down window barriers so they can be rebuilt.

How do you open the door in zombies infinite warfare?

From the spawn area, head to your left to find Journey Into Space, then go to the right once you enter the area. You’ll go up a staircase that leads to the Astrocade, open the door once you get to the Astrocade arcade. Once inside the arcade, stay to your right.

What are the best guns in zombies in Spaceland?

RPR Evo. Available on the wall in Polar Peak, the RPR Evo is a fantastic zombie -mowing machine. The weapon can initially be purchased for 1,250 points and allows the user to move at a fast pace while decimating hordes of the undead with its extremely fast firing rate.

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What happens if you shoot all the balloons in zombies in Spaceland?

If you shoot all the balloons in the Spawn area you will get a sound.

Which Call of Duty Zombies is the best?

Call of Duty Black Ops: 15 Best Zombies Maps In The Series,

  • 8 Moon (Black Ops)
  • 9 Call of the Dead (Black Ops)
  • 10 IX (Black Ops 4)
  • 11 Die Maschine (Black Ops Cold War)
  • 12 Ancient Evil (Black Ops 4)
  • 13 Nacht Der Untoten (Black Ops 3)
  • 14 Classified (Black Ops 4)
  • 15 Ascension (Black Ops)

What is the best zombies map in infinite warfare?

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s second map pack, released today, brings us a game mode filled with the sights and sounds of 1970’s New York City, kung fu superpowers, and the undead.

What is the point of Spaceland zombies?

Zombies in Spaceland lets you customize your character more than ever. If you’re engaging in a multiplayer match, you should customize your character with the builds of other players in mind. In this section, we’ll walk you through our favorite strategies and every perk in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Is there pack a punch in infinite warfare zombies?

You have to go through each of the four portals, which will activate the main portal in the middle of the park. Then you are able to step through this portal, where you will find the Pack a Punch.

Where is the calculator on zombies in Spaceland?

The Calculator can either be found on the yellow bench outside of the spawn area. It’s hard to miss it. Just look to your left at the bench beside the center flower bed. If the first spot doesn’t pan out, look for the calculator on top of a trashcan inside of Astrocade.

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Where should I put Seticom?


  1. Directly in front of the Racin’ Stripes machine in the underground area.
  2. In front of the main entrance to Polar Peak.
  3. In the center of the gift shop in Polar Peak.
  4. In between the purple and orange colored fountains in the Fountain Area.

Where are the parts for zombies in Spaceland?

At the back of a yellow cart near the lower bridge. On the bar located at the most elevated point in the Kepler System. Inside the underground area, located on a counter of the break room.

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