Is there a hidden song in outbreak?

To activate the song, there are three items hidden all over the map. Once you Activate each item, you will hear a sound (chime). First is the Wrench, located on Administration Area near decontamination Zone. Second is like a wooden post, This can be found on Holding Area.

Is there an Easter egg song in outbreak?

With several different Zombies songs to collect, this quest is an excellent addition for longtime fans, as having access to more of the mode’s classic tracks is always welcome. While Outbreak will not be getting its first main quest easter egg until Season 3, seeing smaller easter eggs being added is a promising sign.

Where are the amplifiers in outbreak sanatorium?

The amplifier is at the patio of one of the smaller cabins located at the hillside cabin. It is the first cabin from the right side.

Is there an Easter egg for outbreak Cold War?

The Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg launch sequence is tricky because it seems to be random. What you need to do is visit silos A, B, and D in a certain order and interact with the terminals at each location. You’re looking for the large launch console that sits under the map of the world on the top floor of each silo.

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How do you break the beacon in outbreak?

Once players have gotten everything they want from the armor stand and the Pack-A-Punch machine, they can interact with the beacon. Once the beacon menu is up, they should try to teleport to the next world tier as normal. As the timer is counting down before teleportation, however, they should break the beacon.

What’s new in outbreak Cold War?

New weapons added to the Mystery Box and Trial rewards in round-based maps and Outbreak: Groza assault rifle. Sledgehammer melee weapon. Wakizashi melee weapon.

Is there an end to exo zombies?

As readers can see in the video above, the ending to Exo Zombies is anticlimactic to say the least. In fact, it isn’t really an ending at all, as the rounds continue to tick up and players can keep fighting.

Is Exo Zombies single-player?

For those of you who prefer the single – player experience, you can play the Exo Zombie mode locally with or without a friend.

What is the cheat to unlock zombies in advanced warfare?

To play Advanced Warfare ‘s zombie “teaser,” you’ll need to reach the final (Tier 4) Exo Survival map, Riot. To unlock Riot, you will need to complete 100 rounds on Tier 3 maps. To unlock Tier 3 maps, you need to complete 75 rounds on Tier 2 maps. To unlock Tier 2 maps, you need to complete 50 rounds on Tier 1 maps.

Is zombie outbreak permanent?

To clarify: Outbreak is *not* a limited time mode, it’s available in Cold War permanently after S2 launches tonight. The challenge/event is only limited time.

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Can you complete outbreak Cold War?

All Cold War Outbreak Easter egg steps: How to complete the Main Quest. You can start this Easter egg as early as round three, and you ‘ll be able to finish it by round five. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The enemies in this mode move in thick and fast, and you can die at any moment.

How many rounds are in exo zombies?

1-4 players must survive countless rounds against zombie hordes. A set amount of zombies will appear during each round. Credits.

Credits Requirement
50 Credits Kill a Zombie with an upgraded weapon or explosive.
60 Credits Kill a Zombie with a normal weapon.


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