How do I transfer my PvZ2 data to another device?


  1. Open Plants vs. Zombies 2 (” PvZ2 ” in some newer versions).
  2. In the menu screen, tap on the G+ (Google Plus) icon.
  3. Log in with your account. Your progress will be backed up.
  4. To restore your progress, log in to your account that was used to back up again.

How do I play PvZ2 on multiple devices?

Plug the iDevice that contains your game progress into your computer and select the option (in the ” Device ” menu of iTunes) to transfer purchases from that phone. Then, plug in the second iDevice and install PvZ2 onto that device from your computer, not from the App Store.

How do I transfer Plants vs Zombies 2 from Android to iOS?

No, there is no way to transfer data between the different platforms. Android saves its data through Google+, and iOS saves to iCloud.

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How do you reset Plants vs Zombies 2 iOS?

When you are ready to play it again all you need is to redownload the app, fully update it and then use the in-game ‘ restore purchases’ option. The restored content include purchased plants with their stats, available gems, coins etc.

How do I sync Game Center to two devices?

To Sync game progress across multiple Android devices, you need to Log-In to all devices using the same Google Play Google Services ID and then play the game.

How do you make another profile on PvZ2?

5. Create a new one with different name. 6. Exit PvZ2. Without internet connection

  1. Go to Android/data/com.
  2. Backup the No_Backup folder and delete the old folder.
  3. Create a new account.

How can I transfer my plants vs zombies?

PvZ 2 uses your Google account to sync game progress across your Android devices. Sign in to your Google account in the game to turn on this feature. How do I sign in to my Google Account?

  1. Launch PvZ 2.
  2. Tap the Controller icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the main menu.
  3. You’ll be asked to log in.

Why did my plants vs zombies reset?

That’s usually associated with losing connection to the EA servers. All your game stats and unlocks are stored server side. Just restart the game and it should fix itself. If not, hard restart your system.

How do you restore purchases in Plants vs Zombies 2?

You can get it back by putting your id and password in or in the options menu, it says restore purchases.

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Can you transfer Plants vs Zombies 2?

PvZ 2 uses your Google account to sync game progress across your Android devices. Sign in to your Google account in the game to turn on this feature.

How do you reset pvz2?

There are three ways to start from the first level.

  1. Go to the “if this is not you, click here” tab and select the “new user” area.
  2. Repeat step one except delete your original instead.
  3. Complete the first adventure, because after you do you will restart the game at level 1-1 again, but with all seeds unlocked.

How do you reset your progress in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2?

Re: How to reset Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 You can’t really reset the game. On PC it is what it is. If your on Xbox and maybe PS you can make a new profile and play from the start. Other than that there isn’t a way, least from what I’ve read and seen posted.

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