What is the zombie chopper in real life?

The design of the Western Zombie Chopper is based on a real life Harley Davidson Fat Bob Custom, Iron 883.

How do you get the zombie chopper achievement?

To get the achievement all you need to do is go through the chapter Ravenholm without using any of the held weapons other than the gravity gun. -You can use the many traps that the mad man in the blue has set up. If you use his fire/saw blades/car traps you will still get the achievement.

How much does the zombie chopper sell for?

Make: Western
Name: Zombie Chopper
Class: Motorcycles
Price: $122,000
Seats: 2

Where is the zombie bike in GTA 4?

The bike otherwise shares the same set of accessories as regular Zombies. The Lost Zombies can be found in Acter, near Gracie Ancelotti’s house, but are quite rare. A customized “Lost” Zombie in GTA IV.

Where is 1337 Exceptionalists way?

The 1337 Exceptionalists Way is one of the High-End Garages properties that can be purchased in GTA Online, located in Los Santos International Airport, South Los Santos.

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What is the zombie bobber based on?

The design of the Western Zombie Bobber is based on a real life Bobber variant of Harley Davidson Fat Bob Custom, Iron 883.

Where is the zombie chopper run held?

Arts & Entertainment in Valencia.

What’s the fastest car in GTA 5 Online?

Hands down, the fastest car in GTA 5 is Ocelot Pariah with a speed of 136mph.

What is the Nightblade in GTA 5 in real life?

The Lost and Damned The Nightblade appears to be based on an Orange County Choppers 10th Anniversary or an older Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob.

What is the Pegassi vortex in real life?

Pegassi Vortex in Real Life: The design of the Pegassi Vortex is based on a real life Ducati 1199 Panigale Streetfighter.

Where can I buy Elegy RH8?

The Elegy RH8 can be purchased in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport and Benny’s Original Motor Works for a price of $95,000. The Elegy RH8 can be stored in the Garage (Personal Vehicle). It can be customized at Los Santos Customs.

How much is the dune fav in GTA?

The vehicle can be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry for $1,300,500 and has a decent amount of weapons on it that makes it a menacing vehicle. The Dune FAV can be kitted out with a Machine Gun, a Grenade Launcher, and a Minigun.

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