Where can I find a zombie Lupin?

Common Location: Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I. Hidden Street: Tree Dungeon, Monkey Forest I. Hidden Street: Monkey Forest II.

How do I get to Lupin forest?

go to ellinia, go 2 screens left (taking the bottom left portal), then press up at the first tree u see walking left. keep pressing up until you can’t anymore. then climb the ropes until you get to the upper left-most tree. press up there and you’ll be at monkey forest or something like that.

Where does Faust spawn Maplestory?

Common Location: Hidden Street: Forest of Evil I. Hidden Street: Forest of Evil II.

How often does Mushmom spawn?

It spawns on every channel and it takes something like 55 minutes to 60 minutes to respawn after being killed.

How often does zombie Mushmom spawn?

On average, it’s 45 minutes. However, it can spawn as early as 30 minutes and as late as an hour and 25 minutes. Also, it needs a sort of a slot to spawn on the map, so if the map is full of Zombie Mushrooms, Zombie Mushmom might not spawn until you kill some of them to open up a slot.

How often does Stumpy spawn MapleStory?

About 45 minutes, but DO NOT AFK FOR A SECOND. He WILL spawn, and someone WILL come in and kill him before you return.

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How long does it take for Blue Mushmom to Respawn?

Unlike other Big Mush bosses, which take about 1 hour to spawn, Blue Mushmom /Mushdad takes 48 hours(2 DAYS) to spawn. EXP: 10,000 (ONLY 10,000 WHEN IT TAKES 2 DAYS TO RESPAWN!

Where is zombie Mushmom?

Zombie Mushmom is located in Ant Tunnel Square 2. You can reach the Ant Tunnels by going to Silent Swamp, then going through the portal on the lower-right. Also, Mushmom typically spawns on the bottom, but sometimes she can be found on the weird floating wall in the center of the room.

Where is Blue Mushmom?

Mesos:? Common Location: Zipangu: Hall of Mushroom.

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