How do you beat zombies on Plague Inc?

Phase 1: Infect Them

  1. Build your DNA points to 15. Transmissions: Blood 1.
  2. Build your DNA points to 15. Transmissions: Saliva 1, Air 1.
  3. Build your DNA points to 20. Transmissions: Gastrointestinal Expansion.
  4. Build your DNA points to 20.
  5. Build your DNA points to 21.
  6. Build your DNA points until everyone is infected.

How do you win Plague Inc every time?

The key to winning this game is too wipe everyone out before the cure is complete, so you want to infect as many people as you can without being noticed at all. Keep your symptoms and infectivity up, and invest in your abilities without squandering away your DNA points.

What is the best strategy for Plague Inc?

One of the key strategies to winning Plague Inc. is to make sure your disease, no matter the type, is highly transmittable. Pouring DNA points into deadly symptoms early on will kill off all of the hosts in a country, stopping its spread, raise alarms, and shut down ports of entry into isolated countries.

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How do I make my plague lethal?

The key to beating Plague Inc. is to build your disease up to epic proportions while flying under the radar. You can still win if you go heavy on the symptoms early on, and some symptoms even help spread your disease, but tipping your hand like that gives the scientists of the world a lot more time to find a cure.

Why is the Necroa virus so hard?

First, you can overrun them with a lot of zombies early on so they don’t get stronger and eventually all die. This can be hard to do because ZCOM likes to pop up away from the hordes of zombies, usually with 1 or 2 countries of buffer between them and any zombies.

How do you beat Simian flu on casual?


  1. Play on Casual Difficulty.
  2. Before selecting the country, evolve Pharyngitis.
  3. Start your plague in Saudi Arabia.
  4. Evolve the following in that order:
  5. Wait till the whole world is infected.
  6. When Cure Progression reaches 25%, immediately evolve Simian Neuro-Genesis.
  7. After the whole world is infected evolve:

How do you cheat on Plague Inc evolved?

In Plague Inc. Evolved, the first four cheats can be unlocked by beating all of the plague types in normal difficulty, and the last three by completing all plague types in Brutal.

What is the best country to start plague?

Plague Inc – Bacteria Since bacteria is a slow burn pathogen, you can just start off in Greenland or Madagascar and wait for the rest of the world to be infected. Saudi Arabia and South Africa are also good places to start because they are both well connected by sea and air.

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What is the best country to infect in Plague Inc?

Both India and China are ideal countries to start your plague in. Not only do they quickly award you DNA points, but they both have ports and airports. Another huge bonus is that they’re not rich countries, so you don’t immediately have to worry about drug resistance.

How do you beat Plague Inc on normal 2020?

What to Do

  1. Start your Bacteria in South Africa.
  2. Build your points to 50. Devolve any symptoms.
  3. Build your points to 100.
  4. Build your points to 30.
  5. Build your points to 100.
  6. Once everyone is infected, start your points in any symptom.
  7. Work your way to the middle where you will find Total Organ Failure (image below.)

How do you beat fungus with pandemic?

How-to Beat Fungus in Plague Inc.

  1. Step 0: Devolve Any Symptoms You Gain.
  2. Step 1: Start Your Fungus in India.
  3. Step 2: Gather 23 DNA Points.
  4. Step 3: Upgrade Transmissions: Air 1 & Water 1, Upgrade Ability: Cold Resistance 1.
  5. Step 4: Gather 12 DNA Points, Upgrade Ability: Heat Resistance 1.

What is the most lethal symptom in Plague Inc?

The most deadly are Hemorrhagic Shock, Total Organ Failure, and Necrosis. The most infective are Skin Lesions, Necrosis and Dysentery next to Insanity, Systemic Infection, and Diarrhoea tying at 6% infectivity increase.

Where is the best place to start a fungus in Plague Inc?

Start in Saudi Arabia, the Primary Plague Starting Point, in my opinion. Evolve your first Spore Burst, and collect the DNA points. Evolve Spore Bursts as soon as you can, maximizing the amount of total coverage. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up in Greenland.

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How do you beat Plague Inc with parasite on normal?

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Start your Parasite in South Africa, or another hot country of your choice.
  2. Build DNA Points to 30.
  3. Get Water Transmission 1.
  4. Get Water Transmission 2.
  5. Build DNA Points to 30.
  6. Get Air Transmission 1.
  7. Get Air Transmission 2.
  8. Build DNA Points to 100.
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